Sliding and Patio Doors

Glass Technology

We only use the latest in cutting edge glass technology. We choose Cardinal Glass Industry's double-(LoĒ²) and triple-(LoĒ³) Silver coated window panes, with their self-cleaning Neat® technology, to combat the searing summer heat and the winter cold while saving money on your energy bill. All of our doors come standard tempered, dual-pane LoĒ glass to improve stability, visibility, and reduce incoming noise.

Design Features

Where Beauty Meets Efficiency

Precision Vinyl Welding Lines

Just like our window frames, our doors are also crafted using our NeatCorner™ vinyl welding manufacturing technology to create a seamless welding line that is cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing finish than that of our competitors. 


Stainless Steel Slider Systems

The materials we selected for the sliding system are of the highest quality, to ensure the best performance and reliability. The stainless steel rails and roller wheels will withstand the weather as they are both corrosion and rust resistant. The roller wheels are each coupled with bearings to reduce friction, increase smoothness of the sliding action, and increase longevity of the complete slider system.

High Quality Finish

The master craftsmen here at Meagi are dedicated to bringing you windows and doors of the with utmost precision in order to deliver products of the highest quality at a competitive price. All of our products are from companies in the USA and assembled in our own factory here at La Puente, California. We take pride in bringing you only the best in quality and craftsmanship.

  • 100% Virgin Vinyl Frame
  • Integrated 9/16" Dura-Seal Spacer
  • Secure-Lock System
  • One-Way Weephole Design
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Quick Installation
  • Sliding Patio Door, Swing Door, or (Sliding) French Doors

Secure Double Mortise Locking System

For the best structural performance, our sliding doors come equipped with a two-point mortise lock  with zinc alloy hooks. Supplied by Interlock USA, this locking solution comes standard with an anti-slam button which allows users to smoothly engage the locks only the door is completely closed, eliminating the chance of locking the door improperly. This system is design to prevent forced entry and home-theft. The lock is constructed out of a zinc-alloy body with an aluminum face plate, coupled with a zinc alloy handle powdercoated in white for a long-lasting, corrosion resistant finish.

Dura-Seal™ Insulation Spacer

The 9/16" spacer between the windows is also the sealant and provides superior thermal protection against the elements. The aluminum and butyl-adhesive construction makes this a resilient and durable insulation solution. Because we seal this in our own factory, we are proud to offer you a lifetime warranty against moisture leakage in-between the panes.