100% Virgin Vinyl.


Vinyl is maintenance-free and offers a longer lifespan than aluminum, fiberglass, and wood frame windows. Wood is susceptible to pests, rotting, and cracking, thus leading to repaints and repairs. Aluminum oxidizes and is vulnerable to corrosion from salts and contaminants in our environment. Vinyl does not fade, discolor, warp, or corrode.This ensures that during the life span of our products, they stay looking brand-new.


​Traditional windows frames and doors made constructed out of aluminum, fiberglass, and wood require them to be joined with brackets and screws, leaving a possibility for leakage. Vinyl frames are welded together into one-piece and our products are precision welded, using the NeatCorner™ technology to ensure that they're square and aethestically cleaner than other competitors.


Vinyl is the least thermally conductive material compared to the traditional wood and aluminum. Aluminum is over 900 times more thermally conductive than vinyl! Our vinyl frames are multi-chambered creating multiple layers of air insulation, preventing more of the outside temperature from entering your home. 


Triple-Coated (LoE3) Glass.


We are proud to use glass supplied by the largest manufacturer of sealed insulating glass used and made in North America. Since 1962, Cardinal© Glass Industry is the leader in providing high quality glass products for residential homes. We use their Low-Emissivity double- and triple-layered glass in our products.


​Cardinal's LoĒ™ coatings provide thermal and ultra violet light protection. Compared to a solar heat gain coefficient of .86 of traditional single-pane glass, our best offered

LoE-366 has a solar heat gain coefficient of only .27! This is due to the triple-glazed or layering of Silver coating, and the patented coating method is why it can block tremendous solar gain, reflects heat, and provides excellent visibility and outperforms tints that can bubble and degrade over time. The LoE-366 blocks out 95% of harmful UV-rays that can fade and ruin furniture and curtains as well. We also offer other grades of windows, such as the LoE-270. Please see our windows page for more info.


The self-cleaning NeatGlass®, which is titanium dioxide coated, harnesses the sun's UV rays to loosen dirt and decompose organics on the glass surfaces. Another layer of the hydrophilic silicon dioxide which allows water to "sheet off" and evaporate, reducing water spots on your windows. The NeatGlass® treated LoE™ windows can help you save up to 25% annually on your power bills.


High-Quality, American name brand parts. 

The parts for our windows and doors are provided by reputable, name brand companies. For example, our Stainless Steel sliders and locking mechanisms are provided by Interlock, USA (an ASSA ABLOY company), a world leader in lock and security solutions.  We only offer the best parts, no compromises because we truly believe in providing you only the best in class windows and doors. 

​Slider System

Unlike traditional sliding windows, all of our sliding windows come with stainless steel rollers with stainless steel bearings to ensure that they are not only long-lasting but very easy to use.

Locking System

The locking mechanism for windows is a very simple, and easy to use system. Simply pull the tab to unlock, and once you fully close the window, it will automatically lock. The lock is made out of a complete metal-alloy composition, powdercoated in white for a long-lasting finish. For patio or sliding doors, the double-mortise lock not only makes it easy to lock, but it will only engage when the door is fully closed. The handle is beautifully powdercoated in white once again for a long-lasting finish that won't fade or chip.

Ventilation Lock

With our ventilation lock, you won't have to rely on sticks and pipes to let the outside breeze in. Simply push down to lock it in the pre-positioned mode and lift up to release. 



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