Glass for Every Setting
We also carry a variety of options for glass window styles such as frosted, obscure, and different patterned windows to protect your privacy. Tempered (safety) glass is available and will be required depending on location because of building codes and law.

  • 100% Virgin Vinyl Frame
  • Cardinal© LoĒ³ or LoĒ² Glass

  • Integrated ½” Dura-Seal Spacer

  • One-Way Weephole Design

  • Auto-Pressure Lock

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Quick Installation Time

  • Various Window Styles and Grid Shapes​



Precision Vinyl Welding Lines

Our window frames are crafted using our NeatCorner™ manufacturing technology to create a seamless welding line that is cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing than that of our competitors. Poor vinyl welding can result in improperly made windows that can cause leakage, leading to thermal discomfort and higher energy bills.

High Quality Finish 
The master craftsmen here at Meagi are dedicated to bringing you windows and doors of the with utmost precision in order to deliver products of the highest quality at a competitive price. All of our products are from companies in the USA and assembled in our own factory here at La Puente, California. We take pride in bringing you only the best in quality and craftsmanship. 

Design Features


Glass Technology
We use the latest in cutting edge glass technology. We use Cardinal Glass Industry's double-(LoĒ²) and triple-(LoĒ³) Silver coated window panes, with their self-cleaning Neat® technology, to combat the searing summer heat and the winter cold while saving money on your energy bill. All of our windows come standard double-pane with a 3.0mm LoĒ to improve stability, visibility, and reduce noise. 

  • Retrofit
  • ​Nail Finish
  • ​Block-Framing

Where Beauty Meets Efficiency

Dura-Seal® Insulation Spacer

The spacer between the windows acts as a sealant and provides superior thermal protection against the elements. Because we seal this in our own factory, we are proud to offer you a lifetime warranty against moisture leakage in-between the panes.

Auto-Pressure Lock
Each window is equipped with an auto pressure lock system. The locking mechanism is very easy to use and automatically locks the window when it is completely in the closed position. This removes the hassle of dealing with heavy latches that can be difficult to open or close. It makes opening and closing the windows a breeze.

Long-Lasting Roller Systems
The window and door rollers we use are made out of stainless-steel for maximum durability and longevity. Unlike nylon or brass rollers, stainless steel will not deform under the weight of the glass or corrode as easily. Our rollers are coupled with stainless-steel bearings which will greatly reduce friction and always allow you an easy sliding action. Sliding doors are lined with a stainless-steel track that is long-lasting and will not deform unlike the traditional aluminum track.